Take Five With Christopher Roy


At QuarryHouse we value our collaborations with designers and builders. One of these is interior designer Christopher Lane Roy of Christopher Roy & Co. A former design principal of Tucker & Marks, Christopher has worked with world-class architects, builders, and artisans for over 20 years. He understands the value of a strong cohesive team in bringing a client’s vision to life. This month, we asked him about how QuarryHouse contributes to the design team. 

Why do you work with QuarryHouse? 
CR: Ed Westbrook and his staff have an incredible level of knowledge and passion for working with stone. They educate both the designer and the client. While master stone carving is an esoteric craft QuarryHouse translates it into a quantifiable experience. 

What were some of the projects you collaborated on with QuarryHouse? 
CR: At Tucker & Marks, I worked on a rustic Aspen ranch and a refined Pacific Heights mansion with them. On each project, Ed took the homeowners and the design team to visit QuarryHouse Atelier Verona. It was an exciting adventure for clients to shop for stone in Italy. That made the experience of building their home. 

What was unique about the Atelier Verona? 
CR: The office and carving workshop is in a hundred-year-old restored stone farmhouse. Ed explained the whole history of the building and introduced us to local artisans. At the same time, our clients could hear the sound of stone hammering and see the quality of the stone carved with traditional tools. 

What separates QuarryHouse from its competitors? 
CR: Italy is the epicenter of stone carving, and not everyone can access its rich history. Eugenio Arcangeli, QuarryHouse's overseas manager was born in Verona and spoke with great authority about stone and how it is quarried.  He explained the process and fabrication; our clients loved it.  

Your summing up?
CR: Working with QuarryHouse allows me to be a better designer. I can speak about stoneworking with more knowledge now. Ed is transparent about his process enabling clients to see the nuances and value of stone carving. The homeowners experienced a level of masonry they did not know existed.  

Tricia Kerr