A Peek Behind the Curtain


Our team proudly operates workshops in Richmond, California and Verona, Italy to provide our clients with the finest stonework. Salvador Mata and Hermino Ochoa operate our Richmond facility which features a full complement of equipment ranging from traditional stone carving tools to a computer-controlled milling machine. While we are known for our work on large-scale public works and luxury estates, our team also leads small-scale production and fabrication projects. Last year, we were honored to create the stone awards given to the 2018 ICAA Julia Morgan Awards winners and carved stone mementos featuring the ICAA logo.


Eugenio Arcangeli leads our overseas production from a hundred-year-old stone farmhouse in Verona, Italy. He is a third generation marble mason whose great-grandfather worked at the famous Verona Rosso Marble quarry in Porcino. Eugenio's inherited expertise guides the Italian caving atelier. At both our locations, we celebrate the unique history between humans and precious stones which inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of what aggregated minerals can be. We always welcome visitors to our stone shops and are excited to share a behind the scenes look at our production process below.

Tricia Kerr