From Stone to Terra Cotta

terra cotta.jpg

QuarryHouse does not limit itself to stone but also works with several artisanal studios in Italy, specializing in terra cotta tile collections. These handmade collections are fabricated from the regional clay and come in a range of traditional colors suitable for indoor and outdoor floorings, coatings, columns, roofs, and ceilings, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

These studios are also known for their use of the ancient cocciopesto technique, primarily used in interior architecture as well as decorative objects. The technique has its roots in the Italian artistic and cultural tradition, dating back to the Romans.

painting terra cotta.jpg

The material is encrusted with inert materials and traces of craquelé, open pores and other small imperfections that make it a unique and interesting material that is embellished by patina with the passing of time.

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Tricia Kerr