Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

The restoration of Sacramento's Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament represents the preservation of Califonia's history. While the exterior of the late nineteenth-century church is Italian Renaissance in style, the interior was Victorian with later renovations. QuarryHouse was brought in to design, engineer, carve and install the Tabernacle, High Alter, and Baptistry bringing continuity to the cathedral. They collaborated with Chesney’s of London to create the classical forms in a challenging technical environment. Choosing white Statuary Marble juxtaposed with Dark Emperador, the fragile stone structures needed to meet stringent seismic requirements. The team utilized an innovative post-tensioned system of stainless steel supports wholly enclosed in the solid marble carvings.

Project Collaborators: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Swinerton/HMH Builders, Beyer, Blinder, Bell Architects, Chesney’s Architectural Carvers