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“According to the architect, this project possessed a challenging aspect in regards to stonework. ‘The most challenging thing was coordination of stone installation with other trades,’ Ike said. ‘Between Vance Brown, the Construction Manager and QuarryHouse Inc., the principal stone contractor, they were able to overcome any obstacles.’”

- Stone World


“Westbrook, who has a 25-year history of working with Halprin, might be described as a ‘stone entrepreneur’ who routinely hunts for the right stone in old fields, quarries, and abandoned structures—rather than relying only on suppliers for stone.”

- Landscape Architecture


“Skilled craftsmanship is reflected in the construction of a new outdoor amphitheater on the grounds of Sigmund Stern Grove-a 33-acre public park in San Francisco’s Sunset District.”

- Stone world


“Ed Westbrook doesn’t just practice artisanal masonry, he practices what he calls the art of legacy. After all, his company, QuarryHouse, builds with one of the most enduring materials on earth: stone."”

- San Francisco Business Times