Our Company

From our offices in San Anselmo, California, we work with an elite clientele from both the public and private sectors and treat every project as unique. We strive to build the best and adhere to strict quality standards. Working with talented landscape architects, architects, builders, and interior designers, we practice the ancient craft of stone masonry in the modern world.

One of our early collaborations was with renowned landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. In addition to private landscapes and gardens, we partnered with Halprin on prestigious public commissions. These included the fabrication of a granite amphitheater at Stern Grove and The Letterman Digital Arts Center grounds, rehabilitation of the Yosemite Falls Corridor, and construction of the Agave Trail on Alcatraz Island. Today, at QuarryHouse we continue to forge creative partnerships in our commitment to “The Art of Legacy.”


Our Process

Our core commitment is to our clients' vision, asking the question, “How can we apply our art to delight our client and together make something truly extraordinary?” We encourage our industry partners to engage us early in the planning process so we can bring our creative resources to the design team. By studying the design concept, QuarryHouse offers ideas and details unique to the stone mason's toolbox.

Our Stone Shops

To provide our clients with the finest stonework, we operate workshops in both Richmond, California and Verona, Italy. The Richmond facility features a full complement of equipment, from traditional stone carving tools to a computer-controlled milling machine. Our team also chose a hundred year old restored stone farmhouse for its Verona office and carving atelier. Eugenio Arcangeli, a third generation marble mason whose great-grandfather worked the famous Verona Rosso Marble quarry in Porcino, is our Overseas Production Manager.


Our Collaborators

Collaborating with the talented stonemasons and artisans at QuarryHouse is a dream! Under the inspired and generous leadership of Ed Westbrook, their work is exceptional in their attention to detail and their willingness to rise to any artful or technical challenge. They are exquisitely skilled at bringing out the beauty and poetry of stone and the timeless quality of this most ancient building material.
— Suzanne Tucker, Tucker & Marks