Our Services


Design Assistance

Our knowledgeable team of project managers and stonemasons help guide discussions about the stone process during initial consultations all the way through installation. With the wide variety of stone color options available, we provide a range of Master Samples to assist designers during the stone selection process. QuarryHouse artisans create stonework spanning diverse genres, from classic mansions to modern stone installations. Using stone as an artistic medium, these stonemasons create homes and public structures, as well as hardscape items for residential gardens and shared outdoor spaces.



Our dedicated Sourcing Managers have over two decades of experience finding rare stones and Legacy Materials from places as diverse as Hunan, China to southern Spain. To fulfill our clients' vision, the team surveys various quarries offering unique materials. From our offices in Verona Italy, we source stone and manage projects being quarried throughout Europe. In China, we have worked closely with our Chinese partners, developing remote quarry operations.


Project Management

In addition to sourcing, QuarryHouse's Project Managers support all aspects of landscape and architectural design, material research, cost estimation, and construction documents. We coordinate involved shop drawings and engineering details for our stonemasons. Budget estimates and work schedules are based on an analysis of these factors. Using architectural drawings, we create cutting and setting sketches.



We have a rigorous stone fabrication process to ensure our stone is ready for installation upon arrival. After the stone is selected, our team performs a final inspection for blemishes, flaws, and scratches to certify the best appearance of color and texture. Once approved for quality our skilled craftsmen either hand carve the stone or use the latest technology for precise cutting and custom detailing.



Ultimately it’s the talented stonemasons of QuarryHouse who create the finished structures and carved marble surfaces that have made us the choice of world-class architects and discerning homeowners. Our collective experience spans over 100 years of working knowledge which shows in the stunning results achieved. Clients can rest easy knowing our skilled project managers will ensure a smooth process until the final stages of a project.



Our team is well-versed in undertaking extensive stone renovations. We work with architects, interior designers and builders all over the world to bring our clients’ vision to reality. We have a proven track-record of stonemasonry that shows no sign of restoration work, an indicator of success for any renovation project. Yosemite Falls and the Hibernia Bank building are just two examples of how we applied our skills’ mastery to our projects. We meticulously go through every detail of our projects to exceed our clients’ expectations and re-build structures to last for the future.